meet our new bestfriend, "Light"

5:37 AMpaul-che barroga

Say hello to the newest member of our family, LIGHT! He is a half black tabby kitten. I got him as a surprise birthday gift from my husband (isn't he the sweetest?). Paul knows how much I love cats and how often I would share stories of my cats in the Philippines. I was jumping like a kid with all smiles when he brought me in the pet store early morning on my  birthday. As far as I remembered, I carried and petted almost all the kittens in the store... haha... but only one kitten hugged my arms and stayed for a long time. Long enough to convince us he is the one... =D

As I write now, Light is in my lap sleeping like a baby. We named him after our favorite manga character in DeathNote which is also called "L". But we call him with a Japanese accent, "Light-o".
Ever since we got him, our home doubled with joy and laughter. We enjoy singing and making up songs with his name on it. We think he likes it...haha...He has a special talent that convinced us that Light is a dog trapped in a cat's body...haha.... "L" loves to play fetch! Seriously, it's my first time to see a cat fetching. Simply amazing!
I enjoy staring cat's mysterious eyes. No wonder they are always portrayed as the villains in movies... haha... But "L" is a totally sweet kitten, he wants all the attention. Enjoys playing hide & seek and eats and sleeps a lot... =D
You'll definitely be seeing more of our adorable 4 month old kitten, Light-o. Stay tuned!

* * *
We are all wishing everyone a Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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