kacey + drew | pittsburg wedding

7:26 PMpaul-che barroga

"Love wasn't put in your heart to stay. Love isn't love until you give it away."
~ Michael W.~
Since we first met Kacey & Drew and heard about their hip & fun wedding, we got all excited and can't wait for their big day. There were tons of bright yellow with red & orange flowers making things look so perky. And the liveliness and joyous spirit of this young couple continuously spreads out in the entire wedding.
"NO to high heels", said Kacey... haha...It sure was a cool idea to have a sneaker with her new surname printed on it.
We love Kacey's cheery attitude. Some brides would look anxious during wedding preparations.
Drew and his groomsmen were all set early and enjoying the remaining time  with Paul before the ceremony starts.
Give way to the dancing entourage!... Their officiant and bridal party were dancing their way down the isle...
And here comes the bride escorted by her father... They sure know how to surprise and entertain their guests with their moves...
A solemn ceremony follows...
One big HOORAY to the newly weds! And one big thank you to the bridal party for making this a "dream come true" wedding for Kacey & Drew.

Love the simple and elegant details of their reception and the analog camera placed in each table.
No words can describe how the bride & groom and guests are enjoying each moment in the reception...
This wedding was a sure fun event for all ages. All the guests were on the dancefloor and showing off their moves... =D
Congratulations and best wishes to Kacey and Drew! We are beyond thankful for being part of this memorable journey.

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