brandi + everett | san francisco civil wedding

7:57 PMpaul-che barroga

We hope you still remember Brandi & Everett from their Coit Tower Proposal and Engagement Session. And the love story continues... 
Before heading back to New York, this lovely couple planned to get married here in San Francisco City Hall! It sure is a beautiful place for a ceremony.There are no reservations or appointments, just an hour of wait ... =D
Ceremonies are performed in a location determined by the commissioner. Barndi & Everett had thiers in the Rotunda! One of the best location in city hall.
After the ceremony, we went around city hall and enjoyed taking photos with the beautiful interior details and design. 

Brandi made this small note for her Mom. They are planning to tell their family once they're back in New York... =D
Their happiness seems endless. We are thankful we have this chance to document an important day for Brandi & Everett.
 Wishing you guys all the best!

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