jenny + tin | woodside engagement session

11:44 PMpaul-che barroga

Meet Jenny & Tin! Hope you remember them from their engagement photo preview.. =D One of the best thing about this business is you get to meet new people and new friends. We are so honored to have met this sweet couple and thanks to Weddingbee our  paths have crossed.

They are getting married on September at Tomas Fogarty Winery;  a stunning mountaintop location. Jenny wanted to have a sunset engagement shoot but the weather wasn't on our side that day. bummer =(  It just means we just need to be a bit more creative to make this work, and we're glad it worked out great! =D
Jenny made these adorable pinwheels and they sure were spinning, weather was getting cooler that afternoon....... brrrrrrr.....
Love Jenny's sweet smile... ♥
This winery is such an intimate and elegant location. And the couple continues to spread the love....
 Thanks to Tin for keeping Jenny warm.... here's a big kiss from her... sweeeeeet...
The cold weather was becoming tougher, so we deiced to continue the photo session in the function room.... Jenny & Tin sure are a fun bunch...
 Best Wishes Jenny & Tin! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to shoot this one fine day... =)

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  1. Love love love this set TBL! =)
    Pretty much sweet all over!!!

    Wish i can shoot on a vineyard location too one day hehehe =)