[pets] chloe & morris' day out

11:14 PMpaul-che barroga

Carcar is a friend of ours and we have been planning to visit her new home in Mountain House for quite sometime now. Finally we both have a free Saturday to spend time and do a photoshoot of her adorable dogs, Chloe and Morris. 

She had Chloe & Morris well groomed and well fed that day... =D

Meet Chloe! She is 2 years old and a mix breed of German Sheperd and Chowchow. Despite her humongous size she's afraid of kids and sound of the wind...haha...
Meet Morris! He is also 2 years old and a Shih Tzu mix breed. Don't be carried away of his cute size, fur and underbite. He barks a lot... grrrrrr....
Carcar's house has a huge backyard so instead of going to the park and having the dogs leashed. We let Chloe and Morris run and play in the backyard.
Then we used her sister's room as our mini studio,the light was great at that time. Chloe and Morris surely gave us a lot of sweet poses, they were in the mood, baby!!...haha...
  So nice to see dogs smile, huh?!!

A big kiss from Mama for a job well done... they were really behaved that day...=D
Starts well, ends well... oh boy, Chloe and Morris were tired and so are we... haha...
We had fun, these dogs are adorable.... big hugsssssssss.... Thanks again, Carcar!

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