aj's first communion

11:21 PMpaul-che barroga

We didn't expect kids to be super excited about their first communion. Or it's because Ray's son, Andrew Justin, is full of energy that he loves the camera and do poses.... haha... We were asked by Ray, Paul's bandmate, to shoot AJ's first communion at St. Joseph's Basilica in Alameda, CA. We appreciate he considered our photography service.... Thanks  again, Ray!

AJ was a bit nervous at first which makes us notice his cute hair tail at the back. His dad told us, he doesn't want it to be trimmed.

Before the communion starts we asked AJ to do his cool poses for us....

And look who's not paying attention to instructions...haha

A father and son moment...=D

It was AJ's cousin first communion as well. They really get along together.

He was really happy to have his first communion... he gave us one big jump... hiyah!!!

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