[preview] the heart of dreams...

12:53 AMpaul-che barroga

"The heart of dreams inside us, begins to mold,
Brought on by flights of fancy within our waiting souls.

It doesn’t cost us to dare to dream, it makes life so much better;
It is built slowly between us, word by word, letter by letter.

Strike a word, add a word, and let our budding dreams take flight.
Let us stack the build blocks to form our coming life.

Would it be that we can be, all we’ve talked between two?
To take the very first step, a home for me and you."
~ nakipie223 ~
Hope these preview photos made your heart smile... stay tuned for more! Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. A stunning photography... or an awesome posies.
    so good. thanks for sharing.

    Kansas City Baby Photography