chau + anhtuan | pacifica bump love session

11:13 PMpaul-che barroga

It feels like baby season =)  seems like most of the newlyweds from last year are now getting ready for their next big adventure. Its truly a wonderful experience documenting such memorable events for our clients. As photographers, we strive to capture the moment, the joy and the inspiration of the couples. Chau and Anhtuan really doesn't need any more introduction. These two are tbl blog veterans =) and we love doing great photoshoots with these two. This time around, we head to Pacifica to explore the yellow wildflowers and enjoy a mini-hike in the trails. Scroll down and see what these two have been up to since their wedding... 

We hope you guys enjoyed viewing as much as we did taking these pictures. Is there going to be a 4th shoot with Chau and Anhtuan? Hopefully next time little Cooper will be joining us =)  

Best Wishes to the Le Family. 
Cooper is very lucky to have such wonderful parents! 

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