stefanie + danny | piedmont wedding

2:18 AMpaul-che barroga

We've been to many wonderful and amazing wedding venues but Piedmond Community Center is always going to hold a special place in TBL's heart. We (Paul & Che) we're married in this same venue. It brings back many sweet memories and it reminds of how this venue just captured our hearts.

Stefanie and Danny had a 40's Hollywood Glam inspired Wedding which we thought was very original. From the bride's gown all the way to the grooms suit, they really captured the 40's vibe with their motif. It was a big family affair. The event was intimate. We witnessed a celebration of the union of two wonderful souls and their families.  

If we could pick one thing that really stood out in this ceremony was the beautiful bride and her "bling"ed out shoes. It was custom hand painted with the wedding date. Turned an already eye-catching shoe into a piece of art. There's so much to say about this wedding but we'll let you find out the magic for yourselves. Scroll down and experience the elegance and beauty of Stefanie and Danny's 40's Glamour Themed Wedding....  

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to witness your wonderful union.  
Live, Love and Laugh. 

All the best ~ Paul & Che

P.S. Do you guys know who can "bling" out our cameras too? (kiddin') 

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