laurna + brian | santa cruz engagement session [part 2]

9:26 AMpaul-che barroga

As promised, here is the 2nd part of Laurna & Brian's vintage musical themed e-session. Don't forget to check out their fun and whimsical boardwalk fun shoot. Music has been a big part of their love story. They both met each other six years ago at rock concert on a Pier in San Francisco. Since then they have shared their dreams together... We enjoyed reading their description for each other... so sweet and inspiring... =D

"Some of the things I love about Laurna is her passion to succeed in all she does. She is always thinking ahead and planning things for us to do. She is not afriad to speak her mind or express her feelings about things happing in our lives. She has a light heart as well. Her love for her family and mine. Our wonderful niece and how she is with her shows me that she will make a wonderful mother someday. She shares a lot of common goals with me and even long term life goals. I love all of her features inside and out. " ~ Brian

" The thing I love the most about Brian is his strength. No, not his muscles (I like them too) but his emotional strength. He is my rock and he has an amazing conviction in everything he does. I can rely on him fully without worrying about anything at all. He also has an amazing sense of humor. He can be a goof ball like me when he wants to be, and also super serious when he needs to be. The thing that summarizes Brian most accurately is the fact that my whole family calls him Prince Charming. He is my Prince Charming :)" ~ Laurna

 See you guys next year on your big day! Enjoy the holidays!!!

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