lourdes + jp | san jose wedding

11:05 PMpaul-che barroga

Do you guys remember Lourdes and JP from their Boardwalk E-Session? The lovely couple has taken their vows and we were lucky enough to be part of their very special occasion =)  Lourdes and JP's wedding exudes the joy and warmth from both families and we can feel them captured in the photographs. The yellow motif adds to the ambiance of love and happiness. Another trait that both families share is their love of music, from the church all the way to the reception, we are awed by the melodies that blanketed our hearts... its truly an amazing union of souls... Scroll down and experience Lourdes and JP's day! 
We (Paul & Che) have made many wonderful friends through TBL, and this wonderful couple is not an exception. Thank You for having us document your very special day and we wish you both all the joy and happiness in life. Whats next? Maternity Photos?  I'm sure the family would love that! =P 

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