jenn + mike | livermore winery wedding

7:51 PMpaul-che barroga

Weather was warm, the skies were clear, hearts are racing, perfect day to celebrate and witness another heart-felt wedding. The air was filled with laughter, giggles and smiles from friends and family, all the more making Jenn and Mike's wedding a very special one.  Jenn's Eastern-cut gown and purple bridesmaid's gowns were absolutely adorable!  Looking at these ladies in their gowns is just a sight to behold... =D We know you guys are excited to see their photos... scroll your way down and enjoy Jenn & Mike's very special day at the Rios-Lovell Winery: 
To top the festivities, Master Emcee Diamond Dave managed to get everyone dancing to his renditions of todays top 40 hits! From Black Eyed Peas to Michael Jackson tunes Dave sure know's how to entertain the crowd! The night ended with the Groom singing Bon Jovi tunes while friends and family sang along with him. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we sang along with him as well =P we really couldn't pass up not singing along to "Living on a Prayer" =P Good Job on the cover Mike! 

 Best wishes to Jenn and Mike on their new adventure as husband and wife! Thank You for having us document your wonderful wedding =)

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