Hello Again!

8:05 PMpaul-che barroga

Hello! Missed us? We sure missed you guys!!!

We've been quiet for the last four months and now we are ready to share what we've been working on and its quite exciting!. 2015 is looking great and we are looking forward to working on whats in store in the coming months.... it will be AMAZING for sure. We didn't get the chance to THANK everyone for making 2014 a very special year for us so 


We will be posting our more recent engagement and wedding shoots in the next couple of weeks so just keep an eye on our blog =) Our website will also be undergoing a small update to include more of the breathtaking photos that we've had the privilege of capture in the recent months so watch out for those as well. 

Feel free to say hi on our blog once in a while and if you have any photography questions we'll be glad to answer them. 

Have a great week ahead folks! 

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