lyn + edmund | sunol wedding

10:57 PMpaul-che barroga

Is there such thing as "fate"? If there is, then that's certainly the case for Lyn and Edmund. You just know that these two are made for each other. You can see it from the way they talk, smile at each other and even in singing. What makes their wedding a very unique one is the way they used music to convey their affections. Lyn is an amaaaazing singer while Edmund is a very talented musician (that includes singing too!) These two truly sang their way to the hearts of everyone in their wedding ceremony. Check out the Lyn and Edmund's big day through our lenses, scroll down for more...

Thank You Lyn and Ed for having us document such a wonderful love filled occasion!!! 

We wish you both for a very happy and fruitful marriage that will last a lifetime 
(and more)... Cheers! 

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