vivian + jerry | potrero hills engagement session

10:23 PMpaul-che barroga

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without."
~ Unknown ~
"Our relationship has never been defined by the big, showy overtures of love. Our relationship is more simplistic than that. It's down-to-earth and real. It's knowing you have someone to count on and who loves you no matter what kind of day you have or what kind of mood you're in. We strive for our love to be sustainable and long-lasting which means choosing to make the effort every single day, and that can be a struggle for some relationships. But in ours, those small efforts are the most defining. It's the day-to-day things that are the constant reminders as to why we love each other and why we stay in love with one another."..... this is how Vivian & Jerry described their relationship which is precisely how we pictured when we had our engagement session. 

Potrero Hill is one of the best spots to view the beautiful San Francisco skyline.  Its the perfect location for the couple's e-session. Jerry's dog, Indy, plays a significant role in their relationship and joined us on this special  day. We went around the streets of Potrero and discovered several cool spots and bookstore. We found hidden spots in the city where only locals would know and it showed us another side of San Francisco. Scroll your way down and enjoy Vivian & Jerry's love story....
See you guys this October on your wedding day! =D

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