aeryn + andrew | san jose wedding

7:30 AMpaul-che barroga

"Simple yet elegant",the best way to describe Aeryn & Andrew's red/black/white wedding. Hope you remember them from their fun e-session in San Francisco. =D

Its always a pleasure for us both to be the ones to capture memories of couples on their special day. To witness the exchange of vows, tears of joy, love & support of family and friends, every wedding is truly is a memorable one... 
Thank You again, Aeryn & Andrew for having us be part of your joyous celebration. Wishing you both all the best! =D

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  1. The couple is looking absolutely adorable. Look at those garden photos! They took my heart away. We will also tie wedding knot soon and currently looking for best reception party venues in Atlanta. Also want a garden wedding, hoping to find suitable spot within our budget.