joanne + new | san francisco wedding

11:45 PMpaul-che barroga

ALOHA! Congratulations to Joanne & New who just got happily married! They flew all the way from the beautiful island Kauai, Hawaii to tie the knot here in  the bay area. It was a two day celebration and we were fortunate enough to cover their wedding reception at Yank Sing, San Francisco. Before the event we had a photo session in Embarcadero with their adorable kids. Fleet week festivities were ongoing that weekend and the streets were packed with people. Whew! Good thing the adorable couple pulled it off... =D
One happy family they sure were....
Jenny & Jesse sure knows how to pose and give sweet smiles in front of the camera. Well trained, Joanne! haha... =D
Sunset was spot on!...
Joanne & New are Apple fanatics and here is a proof, both have their own iPads to prove it... (preview photo)
How we wish we have more time but we need to wrap it up and head back to the reception area. =(
Delicious foods, wine toasts in every table, there were singing and dancing, laughter, and smiles all night. It sure was a memorable event for Joanne & New. Friends from all across the states came to witness and be part of their special occasion, it was sure worth the trip!
Once again, thank you Joanne & New for having us be part of this event!

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