saira + mohsin | san jose pakistani engagement ceremony

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Remember Saira & Mohsin from their photo preview? Here are the photos of their  Pakistani Engagement Ceremony, called "Mangni". The ceremony signifies a promise by which both the parties agree to enter into a marriage in future. The ceremony was held in the bride-to-be's house. There were dozen of candles in the walkway and around the yard to signify the special occasion. 

An early arrival led us to photograph the Shariff family preparing pastries and gifts.
Saira's father was busy lighting up all the candles... =D
We had a chance to take photos of the bride-to-be while waiting for Mohsin's family to arrive. The embroidery of her dress was so beautiful and elegant. And her jewelries were all stunning!
Her smile shows how excited she was, huh?!
After a few minutes, a warm welcome for  Mohsin's family.
    A prayer before sunset was one of the main parts of the ceremony.
The long wait has ended and it's about time that Saira to come down and meet Mohsin's family. 
Exchanging gifts and blessings from both families can be seen here but the real gifts are the "in-laws-to-be" to both Saira's and Mohsin's family.

And the sweetest part was when Mohsin presented Saira the engagement ring... ♥
A college professor gave an inspiring speech for the newly engaged couples.
And the celebration ended with dinner & dancing in their backyard....=D
We are thankful to Muneera, Saira's sister for having us. We are so honored to document this journey for Saira & Mohsin!

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  1. Gorgeous work :D
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  2. Beautiful pictures they both are looking beautiful together :) Keep on sharing articles related to wedding photography